Your municipal computing system is a critical component of city government and a valuable asset to your community.  If you want to enhance your city's computing options, call The Laffey Group.

In addition to our twenty-plus years of general industrial and business experience, The Laffey Group is in the final stages of a large, multi-stage municipal project for our neighbors in Brentwood, Missouri.  Let us help you, too.

What we did for Brentwood:

  • Plan data flow in municipal departments.
  • Specify equipment and software based on a specific city's needs.
  • Write Requests for Proposal for outside vendors as needed.
  • Install equipment and software, including networks.
  • Make divergent systems work together.
  • Create backup systems.
  • Analyze and update the municipal accounting systems.
  • Update emergency, fire and police applications.
  • Create a City Operations Database.

What we can do for your city:

  • Analyze your needs and wants.
  • Create vendor lists for your software and hardware.
  • Prepare RFP's for specific needs.
  • Develop Y2K compliance programs.
  • Select any new software, hardware, networking equipment.
  • Write specialized software to coordinate your computing needs.
  • Coordinate the entire effort with you MIS department, or we can BE your MIS department! 

The Laffey Group welcomes questions from you or your staff about computing and telecommunications within your city government.  Please feel free to contact The Laffey Group at any time:

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