When scouting for an athlete for your team, it is essential that you receive your scoutís reports quickly so you can weigh the strengths and weaknesses of individual players, and seize the opportunity to sign that player. The time it takes to make an educated scouting decision is critical when faced with a hot talent or similar opportunity that could greatly benefit your team. While you are waiting for your scoutís report, someone else might be signing your star player!

    The Laffey Group has designed an On-Line-Scouting Program that allows you immediate access to your scoutís reports once they are made, sorting capabilities for quick, easy organization and reference, and database files to maintain your existing playersí talent statistics for comparison. Your scouts will be able to complete
    a report on their laptop computer, plug into a phone line, and immediately send their report to the secure, on-line database.

    A system such as this is just what you need to give you an edge over your scouting competitors.


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