Your Laffey Group analyst will:

  • analyze your current methods of data organization, retrieval, and reporting.

  • research your current system and construct a profile of its strengths and limitations.

  • outline the workflow process and develop a complete understanding of desired outcomes.

  • provide you with the technical approach that best matches your budget and resources.

The solution could be as simple as suggesting upgrades, or designing a turn key operation.

Our team will:

  • design a system that will save you money,
  • increase employee efficiency,
  • and help you become more responsive to your clients.

Our general systems approach will work for needs in: networking, factory floor automation, database design, and web development.

Our focus during the design phase is to make your application user-friendly, stable, and efficient. We have found that clients will use and benefit the most when an application is simple, intuitive, fast, and reliable.

Your organization's standards and guidelines, for say, object oriented techniques are incorporated.

After you are satisfied with the design, we program, test and debug. The review process provides you with additional input.

We provide you with user documentation to fit your requirements from simple "crib" sheets to complete printed or on-line manuals.


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