• Web projects.  We extend your programs into your community to meet the needs of your healthcare consumers and providers.  Check our as an example of how we can make your information accessible to the general public.

  • Laboratory automation.  We implement process controls systems, using a variety of instrumentation, data capture and system reporting tools.

  • Healthcare insurance actuarial programs.  We provide software to predict and control costs, to promote effective care.  We have designed a suite of medical rate and stop-loss applications to help determine the likely cost of healthcare.

  • Health supplies inventory control.  We have designed and implemented material and supply control systems using bar codes or other tagging technologies.  We track multiple data fields as products pass through the operation, shrinking the interval between use and billing from weeks to hours.

  • Network and telecommunications projects.  Some of our systems support thousands of simultaneous transactions, displaying extraordinary capacity, availability and reliability.   


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