The Laffey Group develops network systems, communications systems and custom software applications. We specialize in mission critical projects designing and developing integrated information systems.

The Laffey Group Analysts:

  • are creative problem solvers who invent better solutions because we use a logical, systematic approach and seat-of-the-pants experience.

  • make sure people in one location, across the country, or around the world can communicate and share your important data.

  • create customized software in your nationwide sites, or integrate commercially available software packages into your current system.

  • create powerful, intuitive, user-friendly solutions that address both your short-term and long-term data management needs.

  • make sure clients are well-trained to make integration a success.

  • provide professional analysts for consulting, contract programming, network administration and teamwork programming.

With shrinking staffs and the constant effort to work with new technologies, many companies turn to outside specialists to manage their data processing efforts. We encourage our clients to view us as an alternative to permanent staff who may have only some of the skills needed in information processing. Our services allow clients to meet their computerization goals without having to hire, train, motivate and supervise additional staff. Our team becomes your team.

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