The St. Louis Baseball Cardinals
Professional On-Line Scouting System

The Laffey Group created a secure, on-line database that allows a Major League Baseball Organization to quickly and easily upload scouting reports from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available. An offline version of this system is downloaded from the protected scouting web site. This download contains Professional Report templates, Amateur Report templates, and Team Sheet templates. Using these templates, the organizationís employees can complete scouting reports on a laptop computer. The scouts log-on to the On-line System and upload the reports.
Once a scout uploads a report, it is immediately accessible to the organization administrators. These administrators have a number of filtering and sorting options, which give them the flexibility to compare and contrast all potential players in a number of ways. This system has been collecting and archiving player scouting reports since 1998, and has the capacity to support an unlimited number. Because the system was customized by veteran scouting professionals, it has the well-founded ingenuity to fulfill the needs of the best organization scouting program in all of Major League Baseball.

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