Parsons Scale Systems
Pax Trax Packaging Scales Application

Developed an application that collects and analyzes data generated from Parsons packaging scales. This application was designed using C++, Visual Basic and a Microsoft Access database, and only works in conjunction with Parsons Scales and their communications cards (PaxNet cards). Packaging plants can use the Pax Trax program with their Parsons Scale to:

View production of each product on any PC
View packaging rates and alarms from any PC
Notify a plant engineer (by pager) if there is a packaging problem
View setup times for various products
View current packaging rates
View details about Downtime and change-over time
View details about average over-packs, standard deviations and actual weight packed
View details from previous years production and perform analysis

The Pax Trax application gives packaging plants the insight it needs to improve packaging efficiency and related business processes for years to come.

To view a demonstration, click here

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