Nestle Purina
Manufacturing Quality System

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The Pet Products Manufacturing Quality System (PPMQ) is a series of computer programs that:
Track material through manufacturing from receiving to finished goods packing. The system reports ingredient receipts, ingredient usage, and production.
Provide status of in-progress operations to plant personnel at the machine level, area level and plant-wide to improve the efficiency of each process and the production line as a whole.
Acquire data from the production process which identifies the physical attributes of the processes at the time the product is being produced. This includes temperatures, flow rates of material and environmental conditions. Statistical analysis can be used to correlate this data with product formulas and QA analysis to reduce variation in the production process. The objective is to improve product quality and production throughput.
Maintain information on ingredients through the finished product to provide vendor performance data.
Project continues with about 25 subprojects over the contract duration.

All information in the PPMQ system is recorded in a shared network relational database. Uses C++, Java OS/2, WinNT, AS/400, PLCs

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