U.S. Treasury Department
Electriconic Filing System

Provide Data Communications consulting and IBM Series/1 programming for the DCF (Data Communications Facility) portion of the Internal Revenue Service EFS (Electronic Filing System), which provides for rapid refunds. ALL returns were received within the IRS turnaround guidelines. For tax year 2001, more than 30,000,000 returns were filed through this system at three service centers — before April 16. The electronic filing system is being used by an increasing number of taxpayers each year.
For several years, the Treasury Department requested The Laffey Group personnel to work on this contract. We improved, updated, enhanced and assisted in conversions. We were involved in its Y2K compliance conversions.
PC's or Mini systems at taxpayers’ locations sent returns to IBM S/1 at Service Centers. S/1 made tapes of returns for processing on Mainframes. Data was loaded onto an optical disk archive manager. Data was distributed through a tailored LAN manager, print manager, and graphic full-page displays of tax forms.

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