Emerson Motor Company
Motor Selection Software

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EDAPT software is an engineering design tool for HVAC OEM design engineers. EDAPT software estimates motor efficiencies of fan systems. By matching a motor performance to a fan system, new product time to market is improved by reducing unit design and testing time. EDAPT software is on a standard CD, with a user manual. It is a self-installing program that will run on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT operating systems.

The objective is to adequately estimate performance of a fan system. The software could also be used for:
Selecting an air flow system by matching a fan with a motor performance.
Selecting a unit's operating range that will better match a motor's operating range. This will assist in keeping the motor price down, fewer samples and unit tests, and reduce the overall development cost.
Quickly finding an electrical design for replacement motors.
Estimating motor prices.
Rapid sampling.

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