Emerson Motor Company
Electrical Component Testing System

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Working with the client's electrical engineers, we developed a high-speed, real-time data acquisition system to test electrical products. The system's flexibility handles all the possible experimental designs and custom tests that may be brought to the testing laboratories. The program provides quick feedback of experimental designs, verifies adherence to production standards and meets the testing requirements of regulatory agencies (i.e. UL approval). Hundreds of engineers throughout the enterprise access the system to track the testing process. Test information flows back to the engineers, and their customers in minutes instead of days. Additional tests can be added at any time. Reports on test results can be delivered to the engineer's desktop with one mouse click. A suite of management reports provide a view of workflow through the labs and historical comparison data.
A suite of best-of-breed development tools were used to interface with a corporate Oracle database. Custom software controls and specialized data acquisition hardware are integrated to create the most modern testing laboratories in the industry. Many hours of tests may be run unattended, saving hundreds of man hours each year.

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