Edward Jones Company
Remote Host Communication Interface System and On-Line Spooling System

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We designed and programmed a Remote Host Communication Interface System which currently links to remote financial data services, including ADP, DST, DNS, BTS, Putnam and Van Kampen. The system enables the 1,600 client remote branch locations to communicate directly with all of these financial data services. As a result of this system, the client saved the cost of leasing direct lines to each of the financial data service centers. In addition, it saved the client from having to provide different hardware for each remote branch location. The system is composed of 52 CICS command level assembler programs and 5 Series/1 EDL programs.
Designed and programmed an On-Line Spooling System which is responsible for delivering all of the on-line and batch print requests to a client's remote branch locations. Its major goals were reliability and performance. Currently it delivers approximately 225,000 pages of print per day. It has never lost a message and takes approximately 40 seconds to deliver one page of print around the network. This system has 47 CICS command level assembler programs, 8 VSAM files and 21 batch programs. The system did not fail during the current market fluctuations!
The system consisted of IBM 3081, 3275, 3274-3287 MVS, CICS MRO+ICS, 6 IBM Series/Is that were channel attached through both VTAM and TCAM, 1600 Burroughs CRTs, and 1600 Burroughs printers.

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