The City of Brentwood, Missouri
Information Strategic Plan and Implementation

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The Laffey Group developed a citywide strategic plan to replace, and upgrade functionality of information systems including hardware and software components.
The Plan involved interviews to determine the current status and wish list for each municipal department: existing hardware, data available/desired, documents used/desired, software used/desired, etc.; determination of the storage of data, documents, and information, data flow etc.; analysis and documentation of LANs, file servers, networks, etc.; determination of the optimum information goals of each department and the city.
The Plan included sections which reported the results of: inventory and catalog existing hardware and software; user question lists; user interviews; inventory and catalog forms and reports; survey and catalog information goals; prioritize objectives; recording and assimilation of data.
We are currently implementing this plan for the city. An additional part of the plan is to aid the city in analysis of new accounting systems integrating municipal department systems.

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