Albert Arno Company
Maintenance Tracking System

The Laffey Group created a tracking system that allows contract HVAC technicians to complete weekly reports on a workstation at an international St. Louis brewery, copy these reports to a partner technicianís records, and send the reports via modem connection to the heating and cooling companyís home office for processing. These reports are designed to track employee work hours and parts purchased for specific brewery buildings that contract the firmís services.
Using these reports, and some variable information provided by the firm administrators, the system generates monthly expense statements, including a Monthly Expenditure Breakdown, a Monthly Invoice Summary, a Monthly Budget Sheet (which compares monthly budgeted employee costs and part expenses with actual employee costs and part expenses), and a Labor and Materials Statement for both Beer and Non-Beer Buildings. In addition to customizing monthly expense reports, the heating and cooling firm administrators can add, delete, or edit the contents of all drop-down lists within the program as well as maintain technician log-on names and passwords. All reports completed within the system are archived within the company database for immediate access.

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