Sales Ordering and Inventory Control System

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We created a fully-integrated computer system for an international magnet wire manufacturer. Although the sales office and the production plant are 100 miles apart, we enabled both sites to use the same databases concurrently.
Individual Agreements are made with each customer. The Sales Order first references the Agreement, and then references other company data regarding costs and specifications. The Work Order directing production is generated using the sales order information and company specs. This work order will generate inventory records that are filled when the product units are weighed and entered into inventory. The invoicing system references the sales order, agreement, and inventory records. The system handles direct shipment to the customer and immediate invoicing, as well as consignment shipping and delayed invoicing based on consignment use by the customer.
The project consists of seven major databases, each with over 350 tables. Over 100 customized reports include a daily transaction report for accounting entries, a production requirements report, sales history (1 month and 6 month views), open sales orders, agreements, work orders, picking tickets/packing slips, a profitability report, and a price list report. The system fully integrates all sales functions with control over production and inventory for a company with over fifty million dollars in annual sales.

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